Insert Shapes

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. The 'Insert Shapes' features include Harvey Balls, Miniature slides and single click access to commonly used shapes. Spend less time formatting, more time on the message

Create Mini Slides

Insert Miniature versions of slides into your presentation as pictures

Minislides are a great way to summarize work or to briefly refer back to related presentations, previous slides or future phases of work.

The Create Mini Slides feature pastes your clipboard content as picture of miniature slide(s). Mini Slides are arranged in an auto-sized Tile layout when inserted into your presentation (or Cascade layout if CTRL-click). The layout is determined by the number of slides on the clipboard. Note that when pasting multiple slides, this file's slide design will be used.

Productivity Tip

To replace the current selected shape, CTRL-click to overwrite without prompting.


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