Arrange and Align Shapes

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. 'Arrange and Align Shapes' features include shortcuts to select all shapes matching a selected shape color or size, or by 12 other attributes. Also features to quickly align shapes, including aligning to first selected.

Distribute evenly

Evenly distribute shapes (vertically or horizontally) so they each have the same spacing between them.

PPT Productivity exposes common formatting features to the Shapes toolbar, providing one click access to save you time. Equidistant spacing of shapes on your slide (particularly repeated shapes like chevrons) makes the slide look more polished.

PowerPoint introduced equidistance markers from 2013, but using the markers is more time consuming when distributing a larger number of shapes.

Productivity Tip

Combine this feature with the squeeze or expand gaps feature, to perfect your slide formatting.


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