Customizable Shortcut Keys

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint add-in lets you add or change PowerPoint shortcut keys (aka hotkeys or PowerPoint keyboard short cuts). You can change standard PowerPoint shortcuts, add new shortcuts for PowerPoint's 800+ commands and also for PPT Productivity's 180+ commands.

Search Shortcut keys in PowerPoint using PPT Productivity's Edit Custom Shortcut Keys popup. Generate and print a PDF list of PowerPoint shortcuts to help learn and memorize them. The Edit Custom Shortcut Keys popup also lets you easily reset or update your keyboard shortcuts.

View shortcut keys list

Looking for a printable PowerPoint Shortcut Keys guide? Click here to view and print the Powerpoint Shortcut Keys PDF. The PDF includes all PowerPoint Keyboard shortcuts on a single page for easy printing.

Because PPT Productivity lets you customize all PowerPoint shortcut keys, PPT Productivity users can also generate their own customzied printable reference guide which displays the list of all PowerPoint Shortcut Keys including PPT Productivity shortcuts and any extra shortcuts you have added or changes you have made using the Customizable Shortcut Keys for PowerPoint feature.

Shown here is an example of a personalized printable reference guide for PowerPoint shortcuts.

PPT Productivity customers can view a copy of your shortcut key list by navigating to the Shortcut Keys menu on the PPT Productivity ribbon and clicking Shortcut Keys > Generate my shortcut keys guide...

Productivity Tip

Looking for a list of standard PowerPoint shortcut keys?

Search PowerPoint shortcut keys by shortcut or name: Searchable Keyboard Shortcut List

Print PowerPoint shortcut keys list: Powerpoint Shortcut Keys pdf


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