PowerPoint assigns default shortcut keys to only 193 of its 800+ commands. You can't easily change shortcuts in standard PowerPoint, but using PPT Productivity add-in you can change the shortcut keys for any PowerPoint command.

Maybe you find it hard to remember a shortcut you'd like to use frequently? Or perhaps the combination of keys for a shortcut aren't easy to reach. Whatever the reason - change any PowerPoint shortcut to your preferred shortcut key combination.

To reassign PowerPoint shortcuts:

  1. Shift+click the PowerPoint or PPT Productivity menu item which shows the feature button you want to add or change the shortcut for
  2. Press the new Shortcut key combination
  3. Click Assign then Close
  4. Now press your new shortcut keys and the command will automatically run for you
Reassigning shortcut keys can help to make commands easier to remember. You can reassign a shortcut to make it consistent with the keyboard shortcut you use for similar features in another program (eg make a PowerPoint shortcut the same as an Adobe shortcut). Or reassign shortcuts to make them more memorable given the name for the feature in your language.