Make it easy to indicate the status of slides in PowerPoint presentations using the Status Stamps feature.

Stamps can be applied to slides to indicate PowerPoint slide status - for example 'Draft' or privacy markings such as Confidential. Most stamps are intended for use before a presentation is finalized. All stamps can be easily deleted with one click.

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Status Stamps (aka PowerPoint stickers in some consulting firms) are fully customizable, but the feature has been set up to offer eight default stamps: Draft, Work in Progress (WIP), New, Updated, Confidential, On Hold, Out of Date, Remove.

Stamps can be applied to either a single PowerPoint slide, a selection of slides or to the entire PowerPoint presentation. For example, quickly mark every slide in your PowerPoint presentation as Confidential before finalizing by selecting all slides (Ctrl+A) and clicking the Confidential Stamp.

Clicking each Status Stamp button toggles the stamp on and off.

If you need to remove all stamps in your PowerPoint presentation to finalize the deck, simply click the Remove Stamps button (or shortcut key combination).

You can easily share your stamp configurations with colleagues. Your company's IT team can also provide a stamp configuration to all users via a central deployment (for team or company roll-out).

Status stamps can be added to your slide using the Status Stamps feature buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon or the Stamps button on the Format Toolbar. The button on the Format Toolbar will always default to show your most recently used stamp, but you can select other stamps via the drop down.

Status Stamps are easily customized to suit company standards, alternate languages or personal preferences. Ctrl+click the stamp button to configure the words, language, colors, and position on the slide.