Want your team to all have the same settings in PPT Productivity? You can easily customize the configuration items in PPT Productivity and export those settings to share with your team. You don't need to get IT involved - you can simply export the file, save and email it to your colleagues and they can import it easily. Or if you prefer your IT team to manage it, that's also an option.

PPT Productivity focuses on making you more productive, so we've made it easy for you to export your configuration settings. Simply setup all the features of PPT Productivity to work best for your team, then share those settings so that all team members can use the same setup.

We know it's not always easy to get fast support from your corporate IT Team, so we've created a feature that lets you export your settings into a file that colleagues can easily import.

Following is the list of customizations that you can configure to share with your team:

  • Main Ribbon Display: Choose to hide features on the Main PPT Productivity Ribbon and/ or to rearrange the sequence of features on the ribbon
  • Format Toolbar Display: You can choose to hide features on the Format Toolbar that you don't expect to use
  • Color Toolbar: Specify custom colors to show on the Color Toolbar and choose whether or not to display that standard PowerPoint palette, plus July 2023 Update You can now share settings for Color Toolbar shades and tints and custom colors
  • Template Locations: Map PowerPoint template locations for the preferred default template for your Team
  • Slide Title font size: Specify a preferred PowerPoint Slide title font size
  • Bullets/ Paragraph Styles: specify up to 9 different PowerPoint Paragraph Styles (which can include bullets, general text and more) for easy reuse across your team
  • Cell Margins: specify a default margin for PowerPoint text boxes and table cells
  • Harvey Balls Color: Specify your preferred default color for Harvey Balls
  • Status Indicator Colors: Specify your preferred default color for Status indicators
  • Hand Drawn Circles Colors: Specify your preferred default color for Hand Drawn Circles
  • Stamps: Customize the wording, color and position of up to 8 Status stamps
  • Sticky notes: Customize the color, font, font size and author initials display for Sticky notes
  • To Share your custom settings, from within PowerPoint (once you have PPT Productivity installed) simply navigate to Settings on the PPT Productivity Ribbon, and select Export. You will be prompted to save the XML file that is generated as a result. Then you can simply email this file to colleagues or put it on a company share drive for them to retrieve.

    For colleagues to apply these settings, they open PowerPoint and navigate to Settings on their PPT Productivity Ribbon and select Import. The popup window will prompt with the option to import selected settings or all settings (for example, perhaps a colleague only wants to import and apply your custom Stamps settings but retain their other settings.