Paragraph Styles

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. Paragraph Styles is the collective term for Bullet Points, numbered lists and other formatting for text. PPT Productivity's Paragraph Styles features let you quickly save and reuse bullets and other text formats. Save up to 9 styles and make them single click to access.

Creating custom bullet points in PowerPoint but you want it to be easier to reuse them? This is the feature for you!

PPT Productivity also lets you override PowerPoint's indent increase/ decrease keys so that you can use them to quickly apply your paragraph styles.

Apply Paragraph Styles

Once you've saved your Paragraph Styles/ Bullet point styles, you can now single click to assign or apply your saved styles to any selected paragraph or bullet lists in PowerPoint.

Click the paragraph number saved in the Bullets group to apply all attributes of the style you saved to the text selected in your PowerPoint presentation. This includes, font, size, margins, bullet points, color, indent and more.

Productivity Tip

On mouseover, the paragraph style buttons have tooltips listing details of the font, size, RGB color value and formatting including margin and bullet type. Handy if you're trying to remember what font size or style you used for one of your styles.

Shortcut Keys

PPT Productivity's customizable shortcut keys feature can also be used to set up shortcut keys to apply bullet point formatting/ paragraph styles.

The following shortcut keys have been created for you to apply the first 3 saved paragraph styles. You can easily change these and/or add more shortcut keys for all 9 saved styles

  • Apply level 1 bullet/ paragraph style shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F1
  • Apply level 2 bullet/ paragraph style shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F2
  • Apply level 3 bullet/ paragraph style shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3
  • But in addition to these shortcuts, you can also override the standard PowerPoint increase/ decrease indent feature, to make these buttons shortcut keys for applying your saved paragraph styles!


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