PPT Productivity's Customizable PowerPoint Shortcut Keys feature lets you assign a shortcut key to any PowerPoint command. That's right - get more PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts! You can also search for PowerPoint Shortcuts or change a shortcut key to make it easier to remember.

Quickly search for a specific PowerPoint shortcut key using PPT Productivity - search PowerPoint Shortcuts by command name/ assigned shortcut key/ to check whether it's already a custom shortcut. You can either search across all shortcuts or limit your search to only display PPT Productivity custom shortcuts.

Create or update keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint for menu items, buttons or checkboxes to automate any of the following:

  • Commands from any feature on the PowerPoint main ribbon
  • Commands to set attributes from PowerPoint side task panes
  • Navigate to any PowerPoint Ribbon tab
  • Line Color, Fill Color, or Font Color
  • All 200+ custom features within PPT Productivity