Paste data into PowerPoint table format, but retain the table formatting (so table appearance is not impacted by data's source formatting). Exported data may be from Excel/ HTML/ CSV (comma, tab, or semicolon separated data).

When you paste Excel data into an existing table in PowerPoint, the table formatting is impacted by the data source. Table colors and fonts may change, and data does not paste correctly if there are insufficient columns and rows in the table.

However PPT Productivity's Paste Excel to PowerPoint without formatting feature solves these frustrations. Use the 'Paste data as table' feature to paste data into an existing PowerPoint table on your slide and maintain the table's formatting.

  • Clipboard data is added to the selected table, at the selected cell
  • Extra table rows/ columns are automatically added to fit the data (if required)
  • If a subset of table cells is selected, data is only updated in those cells
  • If no table is selected, a new table is created in the default table style (based on your presentation's theme)
Once you have copied your data, click the Ribbon menu to paste, or right-click on a slide or within an existing table to access the special paste from Excel/HTML/CSV commands