Enhanced Feature: In February 2023 the Delete text feature was enhanced to become Delete Text or Replace in PowerPoint (the previous feature offers a delete option only).

This feature lets you quickly delete all text in selected PowerPoint text boxes or shapes in one click. There's also an option to replace text in PowerPoint with a nominated character - for example convert text to dots or asterisks. Perfect as a slide cleaner so you can reuse slide layouts.

Helpful when reusing slides from a previous presentation, to retain the formatting without the content. PPT Productivity's Delete Text or replace feature for PowerPoint lets you delete the text in all selected text boxes or shapes or replace it.

When the delete option is selected, PowerPoint shapes remain on the slide and will retain their original appearance, but without any text. Note that the Text boxes disappear if the delete option is selected where there is not additional formatting on the textbox (for example color fill or margin).

Where additional formatting has been applied, text boxes will remain on the screen, but may shrink.

To retain all slide formatting, choose the convert to dots option, to retain all slide formatting. This feature is an easy way to quickly redact text in PowerPoint while keeping the slide layout.