PPT Productivity's Slide Library feature can also be used to create Team Slide Libraries for PowerPoint. Share a common PowerPoint library of reusable standardized slides, images and objects across team members or an entire company.

Think of the Slide Library Toolbar as your access point to find shapes or slides you have saved. The Team Slide Libray for PowerPoint feature is hosted on a share drive in your organization, so your company's data remains secure and within your existing IT stack (no external hosting required). All team members can then access your Team Slide Library.

PPT Productivity's Team Slide Libary for PowerPoint feature is great for sharing entire slides for reuse as well as objects such as logos, endorsed images and more. You can create multiple shared Team Slide Libraries and easily search across them all. You can also select specific folder collections to narrow your search (great if you work across different clients or business units).

Team Slide Libraries are all accessed via the Slide Library Toolbar which also lets you save a personal library of slides and shapes.

PPT Productivity's Slide Library toolbar displays in PowerPoint to the right of the screen. You can search the Slide Library Toolbar by keying the object name into the search bar, or by scrolling through the thumbnail previews. The auto sync capability lets you publish to a single central location (internal or cloud shared drive) and auto-distribute updates to all users.

Team Slide Library slides and shapes stay hosted within your organization - you can use this feature without your files needing to be externally hosted. PPT Productivity automatically replicates Team Library files on users local machines, which means that team members can still access their libraries when offline (and supports fast library search).

PPT Productivity's Team Slide Library for PowerPoint feature is similar to the Microsoft SharePoint Slide Library that is no longer available. Microsoft decommissioned SharePoint Slide Library from SharePoint 2016. If you have been looking for a replacement for Slide Library, contact us for a free demonstration.