PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Manage Slide Numbers and Totals feature makes it easy to add wording to your slide numbers.

For example you can customize your PowerPoint slide numbering to display:

  • Slide 1 of 10
  • Page 1 of 10
  • Acme Corp RFP Response, Slide 1 of 10
  • 1 (of 10 Pages)

Some examples of when this might be useful:

  • RFPs or proposal responses for business development: When preparing proposals or proposal responses in PowerPoint, you can include information along with the slide or page number rather than including in a separate footer E.g. Update the Slide number/ totals format option # of ## to display ACME Outsourcing RFP, Page 1 of 28.
  • Alternate languages: you can use this feature to include the relevant word for your slides/ pages in another language, for example Folie 1 von 10.