Footers & Footnotes

Make it easier to manage footers and footnotes in your PowerPoint presentation. PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint's features include a filename footer that automatically updates with current filename when the document is saved and a magnifier to make reviewing footnotes easier.

Enlarge Footnotes

Temporarily enlarge or magnify footnotes on slides when reviewing.

Enlarge footnotes on slides in your presentation, to make it easier to review and edit the text. Toggle the button to switch between the normal and enlarged footnote view.

Enlarge footnotes is like a magnifying glass for footnotes. The feature will not impact how the footnotes appear when presented, printed or saved to PDF.

Productivity Tip

Adding footnotes in PowerPoint? Check out our superscript shortcut feature which makes inserting superscript footnote flags (the superscript number or character denoting a footnote) faster.


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