Review Slides

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features including features to streamline the reviewing process. Add a virtual sticky note to the top right corner of your slides to note review comments and outstanding actions. Status stamps let you quickly denote slide status.

Tags let you track the source of slides when compiling from multiple decks and let you do bulk actions on tagged slides like print.

Tag slides with filename and page number

Tag selected slide(s) for bulk treatment (for example print tagged slides) or to track the source of each slide when harvesting for a new deck.

Tag slide: Do you sometimes create new presentations by harvesting previous presentations for specific slides? Then you try to remember where you sourced specific slides from?

PPT Productivity's Tag Slide feature was created to solve this problem. From our time in consulting, the slide tag feature became a key part of the consulting toolbox for easy slide reuse.

Turn on the tag (which contains the filename and slide number) to easily track where slides were copied or moved from - within a file, or from other files.

Slides can be tagged in one or multiple selections to allow you to add to the existing tags in a presentation (or even if you reopen the presentation).

Select tagged slides: Select all tagged slides to easily cut, copy or save slides elsewhere while remembering where they were from.

Use to identify which slides you wish to use with Send Selected Slides or just copy and paste to another presentation. To turn off the tags before you send or copy, click the Tag Slide button again to remove tags from selected slides.

Productivity Tip

To add the full folder path to your tags, Ctrl+click the Tag Slide button. This displaus the full folder path on the tag, rather than just the filename


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