Format Tables

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. Format Tables features include shortcuts to create tables from boxes, convert tables to boxes, paste data into a table without the source formatting, auto table size optimizer and more. PPT Productivity lets you format your tables quickly in PowerPoint!

Insert columns and rows

Insert a new column or row in your table, without changing the existing table width.

Easily insert a new column or row into your PowerPoint table without impacting the existing width. Four buttons enable single click access from the ribbon to insert a column to the left or right, or to insert a row above or below.

Adding columns will not change the existing width of your table, however adding rows will increase the table height.

Productivity Tip

Combine this feature with the Autofit Columns feature if you want to optimize column widths of your table to minimize table height (based on contents).

Shortcut Keys

All PPT Productivity features can be used via the Customizable Shortcut Keys for PowerPoint feature. You can update the shortcut keys to any preferred available combination, but to get you started we have set up the following for quickly inserting columns and rows into tables:

  • insert a column to the left with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left
  • insert column to the right with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right
  • insert a row above with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up and
  • insert a row below with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down
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