PPT Productivity's Copy Position, Size and Paste Position, Size features for PowerPoint are a dynamic time saving duo! Quickly position a shape in the same place across PowerPoint slides by setting the position, size (and column sizes for tables) of a selected shape or table.

Copy Shape Position remembers the preferred location or size so that you can. Paste Shape Position applies that location or size to each shape to be adjusted. Together these features put shapes or objects in the same position across multiple PowerPoint slides. Easily align objects on different slides.

The Copy/ paste position, size features are included in the Position feature group on the Format Toolbar. You can also use Copy, Paste position size feature to copy the position of an object or image on a slide, delete the object and insert a new object then paste the new object to the same position as the original. Great if you need to update images in your presentation.

NOTE: In January 2023 the Copy, paste button was removed and replaced it with the new Position & Size Painter. However due to popular demand the Copy, Paste button was returned from late March 2023. If you are a Power Tools user and cannot see the Copy, Paste button on your toolbar, please download the latest version.