Enhanced Feature: In February 2023 PPT Productivity rolled out an update and the Make Chevrons same angle feature was replaced with the Chevrons and Angles Painter which lets you adjust angles and tips of chevrons and other shapes.

Quickly adjust the tip of selected chevrons, arrows or pentagons to the exact same angle as the first selected shape on your PowerPoint slide.

Chevrons (also known as block arrows) are great to use in diagrams such as project phases. But once you adjust the length, the angles of the tips can be inconsistent. This feature matches your chevron angles to make them consistent on the selected slide.

Start by selecting two or more chevrons (feature only works if two or more shapes are selected).

With chevrons selected, click the Set Chevrons to Same Angle button. The feature will align angles of all chevron tips in PowerPoint.

Note that the first shape must contain an adjustable angle - otherwise it cannot work out the angle for the rest of the shape. This feature can also be used to set or match the angles on arrows, pentagons and parallelograms on your PowerPoint slides.