PowerPoint provides shortcut keys for only 193 of its 800+ commands. But using PPT Productivity PowerPoint addin you can add more PowerPoint shortcut keys. Quickly assign a shortcut key (aka PowerPoint hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts) to any PowerPoint command!

If you're in Management Consulting, Investment Banking or Strategy, you probably spend a lot of time doing tasks in PowerPoint that could be faster with shortcut keys. PPT Productivity's Customizable PowerPoint Shortcut keys are easy to add and update.

A great example is strikethrough. In standard PowerPoint there is no strikethrough shortcut. But if this is something you commonly need to do in your presentations, you can use PPT Productivity to add a strikethrough shortcut to PowerPoint!

To add a shortcut key to a menu or ribbon item:

  1. Shift+click the PowerPoint or PPT Productivity menu item
  2. Press the Shortcut keys
  3. Click Assign then Close
  4. Now press your shortcut keys and the command will automatically run for you

To assign PowerPoint shortcut keys to any item:

  1. Click the PPT Productivity tab
  2. Click the Shortcut keys menu, then Manage Custom Shortcut Keys
  3. Search for any command name to filter the full list to find the command you need
  4. Click the keys you want to assign in Press the Shortcut keys
  5. Click Assign then Close
  6. Now select your shortcut keys and the command will automatically run for you