Lock or Unlock Objects

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 180+ time saving features. The Lock Objects feature let you easily lock shapes, tables, images, or other objects to your PowerPoint slide to prevent movement. Plus you can also unlock them if you have PPT Productivity installed. Standard PowerPoint does not offer the ability to lock or unlock objects.

Lock objects to the Slide Master

Shapes, objects tables and images can be locked to the PowerPoint Slide Master, so the locked shape appears consistently through the presentation.

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Shape Locker enables you to lock any shape, object or placeholder on the PowerPoint Slide Master (in addition to any normal slide). For example, to ensure the copyright text appears on all slides in a presentation, you can add this to the master slide and lock it into position.

Lock images such as logos or pictures to your slide master so they appear on all or selected layouts used in your presentation. Shape locking works for anyone accessing the slide. The shape or object will be locked for editing even if slide users do not have PPT Productivity installed.

Productivity Tip

Using a textbox enables you to lock a shape while leaving the text accessible for editing. If you want to lock both the shape and the text, converting your text box to a table or inserting a 1x1 table to hold the text (before locking) will result in both shape and text being locked.


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