Refine Slides

PPT Productivity PowerPoint plugin has 180+ time saving features. Refine Slides features include a summary slide generator, a quick formatter to align slide titles, send to appendix shortcut, no fly zone text boundary airplane mode logo/ branding camouflage, format painter, footnote magnifier and more.

Send slide to appendix

Make reviewing and refining your PowerPoint deck easy. This feature lets you single click to send slides to the end of your PowerPoint presentation. If your deck doesn't have an Appendix section, one is created for you automatically. Also known as send slide to back.

When reviewing your PowerPoint presentation, PPT Productivity's Send Slide to Appendix feature lets you remove a slide from the main presentation / send to back of deck. You can then review the slides in the appendix to decide whether to keep the slide in the appendix or delete it from your presentation.

Also known as a graveyard feature, this feature moves selected slides to Appendix so you can then review and sequence your Appendix slides and delete any unnecessary slides once your main section is finalized.

An Appendix divider slide will be automatically added to the presentation the first time you send a slide in your presentation to the Appendix (if there is not already an Appendix divider slide).

The Send to Appendix feature is on both the main PPT Productivity Ribbon and the Format Toolbar.

Productivity Tip

The Appendix slide divider will only be created once, irrespective of how many slides you send to the Appendix.

Use this feature in conjunction with Sticky Notes when reviewing your deck. For example if you have a team meeting to review the deck, use sticky notes to annotate any other actions i.e., to incorporate a specific point into another slide, then send the slide to appendix and finish off the updates after the meeting.

Shortcut Keys

All PPT Productivity features can be used via the Customizable Shortcut Keys for PowerPoint feature. You can update the shortcut keys to any preferred available combination.

To get you started we created a PPT Productivity shortcut key for send slides to appendix.

Send to Back PowerPoint Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A


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