Do you wish PowerPoint's paragraph formatting features would work like Microsoft Word - to save a style so you can reapply it? Trying to work out how to create a multilevel list in PowerPoint? Would you like to apply formatting styles using PowerPoint's Indent function with its Alt+Shift+Left/Right Arrow shortcuts?

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in's Paragraph Styles features make bullet points and text formatting easy in PowerPoint. You can save up to 9 paragraph, text or bullet point styles. Using PPT Productivity it's easy to apply multi-level bullets formatting in PowerPoint!

Saving paragraph styles is easy. Simply format your preferred PowerPoint bullet points or styles on a slide - including any preferences for different colors, types of font, font size, bullet point types or other formatting. Create a separate line for each preferred style. Note that you can create up to 9 styles.

Once you're happy with your paragraph styles, click the PPT Productivity Remember Paragraph Styles button.

After you have saved your paragraph styles, you will see numbered buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon. These are your shortcut buttons to apply your saved paragraph styles. You can also use the Customizable PowerPoint Shortcuts feature to add a PowerPoint shortcut for each paragraph style.

Applying the paragraph styles to your text will update the font, size, margins, bullets, color, indent etc., to apply the attributes you have saved for the style.

The paragraph or bullet point styles can automatically be rearranged to the styles pre-set in your Slide Master.