Quickly copy and paste text formatting across textboxes, slides and even across different presentations using the Text format painter for PowerPoint.

PPT Productivity's PowerPoint Text Format Painter will copy font style, size, italics, bold or underline attributes and apply to the painted text. Note that where a textbox has various different fonts or sizes, the font style and size attributes of the first word will be copied.

Although PowerPoint's standard format painter also can be used to copy and paint text, it will also apply other attributes including shape color. The PPT Productivity PowerPoint text format painter only changes text attributes, without impacting any other elements.

The text format painter can also be used to paint text in PowerPoint table cells.

Double click the Text Format Painter to activate the multi painter feature. This lets you click on multiple text selections in PowerPoint, changing them to match the copied text format. Multi painter mode will continue until you press the escape key.