How do you add Harvey balls to a table in PowerPoint? You can use PPT Productivity's Harvey Balls for Tables feature! Embed Harvey Balls in PowerPoint tables, so they move with the columns when you adjust the table dimensions. Add standard size 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, empty or full Harvey Balls. Or choose a custom fill Harvey Ball and enter a % value. You can align, resize and recolor the Harvey Balls.

Using PPT Productivity's Harvey Balls for PowerPoint Tables feature, insert Harvey Balls into PowerPoint tables so they snap to the table cell. Harvey Balls embed in your PowerPoint table and can be aligned and resized as you move columns or change the table size.

PPT Productivity's Harvey Balls have two modes. Click the Harvey Ball feature from PPT Productivity's Format Toolbar or from the PPT Productivity Ribbon, and your selected Harvey Ball will be inserted onto your PowerPoint slide as shapes. Or click to insert from a cell in a table (or a group of cells selected in a table) and the Harvey Balls for Tables will be added.

Harvey Balls will appear correctly for any users viewing the presentation (even if they do not use PPT Productivity).

You can easily change Harvey Ball colors. To change Harvey Ball colors for Tables, click the Harvey Ball button from the Shapes group on the PPT Productivity tab on the Ribbon and navigate down to Change Color. Select your preferred color and click ok. Subsequent Harvey Balls added to your table will be appear in your selected color.

Easily align the Harvey Balls in your PowerPoint table using PPT Productivity's alignment shortcuts or standard PowerPoint alignment features.

Harvey Balls can be added to your slide using the Harvey Ball buttons on the PPT Productivity Ribbon or the Harvey Ball button on the Format Toolbar.