Change Proofing Language

How to change language in PowerPoint? PPT Productivity's Change Set Language feature lets you change the proofing language for your entire PowerPoint presentation, one or more slides or specific shapes. Standard PowerPoint excludes text in shapes when applying set language changes.

Change set language for PowerPoint presentations

Make reviewing easier by updating the set language for your PowerPoint presentation. You can set language for specific shapes, for one or more slides or for the entire presentation.

PowerPoint's default spell checking feature gets confused if slides from presentations prepared with other proofing languages are pasted into the presentation, or if collaborators access the presentation using versions of Office with different default languages for review.

If you see correctly spelled words flagged as incorrect by the PowerPoint spell checker, this is likely caused by multiple review languages in your presentation. Standard PowerPoint does not have an easy way to update set language for proofing across the entire presentation as the standard feature excludes text in shapes when applying language changes.

PPT Productivity's set language feature enables you to quickly update the set language for the entire presentation. Or you can choose to update the set language only for selected slides or selected shapes. The selected slides or shapes feature is useful if you are including text from multiple languages in your Presentation.

Select the shapes/slides to change, then from the PPT Productivity top ribbon, click Set Language button. All textboxes in the selection (including any textboxes in grouped shapes) will be set to the Default Language of your presentation.

To convert all slides in a presentation to your Default Language, from the PPT Productivity top ribbon, click dropdown menu and click the 'Set all slides Language'.

Productivity Tip

Can I update proofing language for notes in PowerPoint? Yes - if you select one or more Slides, or convert the entire presentation, the Notes region below each slide will also change to the updated Default Language.


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