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PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. Share slides features let you quickly email, print, or save a selection of slides all from feature buttons on the PPT Productivity ribbon or accessible via shortcut keys. Email or save the selection in PPT or PDF format.

Email selected slides in PPT or PDF format

Share selected slides via email in a single click. This feature opens a new email message and attaches your currently selected slides as an attachment. The title of your presentation and the slide numbers will appear in the email subject line, ready for you to add the recipient and send!

Separate buttons provide the option to send in either format. You can email selected PowerPoint slides in PPT format or select to email selected slides in PDF.

If you click send as PDF, the feature will convert selected PowerPoint slides to PDF and include the PDF attachment in an email.

You can use this feature to quickly email either a selection of slides or the entire presentation.

Productivity Tip

Send a selection of slides by Ctrl-clicking your selection in the slide selector first. Use the Select all shortcut key CTRL + A to select the entire presentation if you wish to send all slides.


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