Reuse Slides and Shapes

PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 100+ time saving features. The Slide Library lets you easily save and reuse your favorite shapes and slides. You can also download 2000+ free objects including flags, maps, common frameworks and more.

Slide Library for easy reuse

PPT Productivity's Slide Library displays your saved slides and shapes, ready for easy reuse.

You can save any shape or slide and access it by search or scrolling through thumbnail images in the Slide Library Toolbar, which displays to the right of your screen. Teams can create Corporate Gallery files for shared access.

The Slide Library Toolbar displays to the right of your screen. To save a slide or shape, simply select it, press 'Save Shape...' on the Slide Library toolbar, enter a name for your slide or shape and select a thumbnail image (from options displayed).

You can easily search the Slide Library by object name or by viewing thumbnail images.

The number of words in a shape name is not constrained and item names do not need to be unique (noting that unique naming does make searching easier).

To use a slide or shape, simply click the thumbnail in Slide Library. Objects saved as Slides will be inserted as a new slide. Objects saved as a Shape will be added to your current selected slide.

Productivity Tip

Wondering how to add an object to multiple PowerPoint slides simultaneously? The PPT Productivity Slide Library makes it easy! Simply select the relevant slides from the slide preview thumbnails to the left of your slide. Next, select and click on the relevant object you'd like to paste from the Slide Library Toolbar. Your selected object will be pasted to the selected slides.


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