How to reuse slides in PowerPoint? PPT Productivity's Slide Library makes it easy! PPT Productivity's Slide Library lets you save shapes slides and more then quickly reuse them via the Slide Library Toolbar. The Slide Library Toolbar is a Powerpoint slide management tool. The toolbar displays saved slides and shapes to the right of screen, ready for easy reuse. What can you save in the Slide Library?

  • Shapes: Save your favorite PowerPoint shapes or frameworks
  • Slides: Save entire slides to reuse in future presentations
  • Icons: Create a PowerPoint icons library by saving your most used icons
  • Images: You can save images to the Slides Library. Perfect for saving logos, photos and more
  • Tables: Created the perfect PowerPoint Table Template and want to reuse it? The Slide Library makes it easy to save table templates in PowerPoint
Save slides or shapes to the PowerPoint Slide Library for faster reuse. Access your slides and shapes library by scrolling thumbnail images or searching for the slide name in the Toolbar. Slide Library Search supports partial word search, so for example searching for 'Ar' will find any slides with Arrow, Bar, or Dark in the name.

The Slide Library Toolbar displays to the right of your PowerPoint screen. When you save slides or shapes by default they save to your own private Slide Library for your own reuse. But Teams can also create Team Slide Libraries, to share slides and shapes across a team or entire company.

Your Slide Library by default saves your library files to your local machine. You can change this via the Settings button on the PPT Productivity Ribbon > Slide Library to save your Library files to your preferred company share drive. Any Slides or Elements you save to your Slide Library remain within your company IT stack and are never accessible by PPT Productivity.

To save a slide or shape, simply select it, press 'Save Shape...' on the Slide Library toolbar, enter a name for your slide or shape and select a thumbnail image (from options displayed).

You can easily search the Slide Library by object name, or by scrolling and viewing thumbnail images. The number of words in a shape name is not constrained and shape names do not need to be unique (noting that unique naming does make searching easier).

To use a slide or shape, simply click the thumbnail in Slide Library. Objects saved as Slides will be inserted as a new slide. Objects saved as a Shape will be added to your current selected slide.

Toggle the 'use source formatting' setting on the Slide Library Toolbar to either paste your slide or shape using the current template colors or the colors that the element was saved with. This means that when you reuse a shape or slide from your Slide Library it can automatically update when pasted to the current presentation theme template colors.

Looking for downloadable shapes and slides to use? PPT Productivity's Slide Library also has more than 2000 downloadable shapes and slides for PowerPoint.