Find any PowerPoint shortcut key easily with this searchable list. Trying to find the PowerPoint send to back shortcut? Or maybe the PowerPoint redo shortcut? Search for any PowerPoint shortcuts using the search box below.

In standard PowerPoint, Microsoft enabled keyboard shortcuts for only 193 of its 800+ commands. PPT Productivity allows you to assign or reassign shortcut keys for any standard PowerPoint command as well as 200+ PPT Productivity features.

You can customize your PowerPoint shortcuts and share your extra shortcuts with colleagues. PPT Productivity also offers an option of preconfigured McKinsey Marvin shortcut keys.

Use the searchable list below to search for standard PowerPoint shortcuts and additional PPT Productivity shortcuts for PowerPoint. You can easily search for PowerPoint shortcuts by the shortcut name, or by one of the shortcut keys (e.g. search 'new' for the shortcut for New slide in PowerPoint or search 'shift' for all shortcuts that use SHIFT).

You can also download and print a PowerPoint shortcut keys PDF that lists all standard PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts and PPT Productivity added shortcut keys. The Powerpoint Shortcut Keys PDF link is available by clicking the button below.