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PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in has 200+ time saving features. Formatting Charts in PowerPoint can be time consuming. PPT Productivity's Charts Toolbar provides easy access to format 20 of the most popular chart attributes. Use it to quickly polish your chart and make it easier to read.

Charts Toolbar

PPT Productivity Charts Toolbar for PowerPoint offers formatting features to update 20 most used PowerPoint Chart attributes, from one convenient location.

The Charts Toolbar for PowerPoint displays to the right of your PowerPoint screen and can be easily toggled to show or hide. The Charts toolbar gives you quick access to edit the following:

PowerPoint Chart format:
- Font Size
- Label Format (including absolute value, currency, thousands separator, decimal places)
- Show totals
- Legend Position

- Label name
- Show border
- Show ticks
- Tick spacing
- Show labels
- Label format
- Show gridlines
- Display units (converts axis to thousands, millions, etc)
- Minimum and maximum axis values

- Label name
- Border
- Show ticks
- Tick spacing
- Show labels
- Show gridlines
- Column gaps


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