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PPT Productivity's Slide Library feature makes it easy to save and reuse your favorite slides and shapes for easy reuse. The Slide Library toolbar displays to the right of your PowerPoint screen and you can search by shape/ slide name or by scrolling through the thumbnails.

The Slide Library Toolbar provides access to Personal, Team and Downloadable libraries of Slides and Shapes. The Personal Library folders include any shapes, slides, layouts you save yourself. The Team Slide Library folders include library elements stored on your company share drive which are accessed by multiple team members. The Downloadable Library elements are managed by PPT Productivity.

PPT Productivity Power Tools and Free trial users all have access to the Downloadable Library elements - comprised of 2000+ templates, slides and shapes grouped into 60 galleries (thematic groupings). You can choose to Download them to your Slide Library toolbar ready to use in your PowerPoint presentation.

When using the Slide Library Toolbar, you can search across all of the Personal, Team and Downloadable elements or filter to only show a subset (E.g. only show Team elements or only show Icons)

Note - the Downloadable Slide Library elements were updated in February 2023 to include additional shapes and slides and again in August 2023 to add ~1000 new icons.

Following is a brief video showing how to download and search the Downloadable Slide Library elements, followed by a summary list of the libraries.

PPT Productivity's Downloadable PowerPoint Templates, Slides and Shapes List

There are currently 2000+ downloadable shapes, slides, frameworks and elements in the PPT Productivity downloadable libraries for PowerPoint. Following is a brief description of each library. The libraries are thematically related groups of shapes/ elements). PPT Productivity users of Power Tools can access all gallery items via the Slide Library toolbar.

Agenda - PowerPoint Agenda slide layouts, divider or section layouts and an Appendix slide layout.

Arrows and flows - various flows, arrows and chevrons for PowerPoint. Great for depicting project progress charts or planned project phases in PowerPoint. Includes segmented arrows, merging arrows, diverging arrows, converging arrows, circular arrows, chevron templates and more (145 different PowerPoint arrow and flow shapes and slides).

Basic elements - column transitions and vertical transitions (the squished arrow consultants use between text boxes!), thermometers. This group also includes PowerPoint Rating charts aka PowerPoint Progress Bars - with stars / hearts / circles / squares / diamonds and Harvey balls. You can easily create a great looking progress bar in PowerPoint using one of these templates.

Basic elements - outline style - column and vertical transitions and callout boxes all in outline style ('outline style' has a clear fill and dark outline).

Basic elements - shadow style - similar to the outline style elements but with a shadowed (darker) fill.

Box tables - a favorite of McKinsey alumni, these are PowerPoint table layouts composed of text boxes. Includes 60 different box tables, including options with shaded header columns and/ or shaded header rows.

Box tables - widescreen - this is the same gallery as listed above in Box tables, but optimized for widescreen slide layouts.

Charts - the Charts gallery provides fast access to common PowerPoint consulting chart layouts including Gantt charts, SWOT matrix, curves (hyperbola, circular, exponential, s-curve, pareto), matrix curves, bar charts, split bar graphs, spider chart aka radar chart, timelines and more.

Charts - outline style - PowerPoint Gantt charts, SWOTs (aka Quad charts ), Matrix, Radar and Line graphs all in outline style (fine outline border and no fill).

Chevrons - are chevrons a consultants best friend? Possibly! The PowerPoint chevrons gallery includes almost 30 variations of chevron diagrams (chevrons are also known as block arrows and you can use them for PowerPoint process flows, workplan phase summaries and much more).

Chevrons - widescreen - the chevron gallery as described above, optimized for PowerPoint widescreen slide layouts.

Circles and flows - a collection of circular diagrams and frameworks for PowerPoint including circular arrow flows, overlapping circle diagrams, 3D circular flows and more, with variations on no fill and solid fill.

Circles and flows - shadow style - many of the circle and flow diagrams from the gallery above but in shadow style.

Flags* (separate galleries for each continent plus an additional gallery for World Organizations) - this gallery contains flags of the world ready to easily add to your PowerPoint slides. There are separate galleries for each continent plus a gallery containing flags of world organizations e.g. NATO and UNICEF.

General shapes and elements - heaps of useful PowerPoint frameworks and diagrams, ready to add to your PowerPoint presentation! Step diagrams, dominos, targets, waves, cogs, funnels, jigsaw puzzle layouts, hurdles, levers, scales, stacked triangle and block diagrams, hierarchy diagrams, hexagon stacks, cubes, pillars, funnels, traffic lights and more. You can create traffic light PowerPoint slides using the elements in the Slide Library, or you can use the separated traffic light balls in the Status indicators feature.

General shapes and elements - shadow style - as per the library described above, but in shadow style.

Hand drawn graphics - shapes and elements with a rougher outline that suggests a hand drawn style for your PowerPoint slides. Elements include positive/ negative shapes, pros and cons, puzzles, curved process flow, circulate process, linked steps of a process, circular reference diagrams, interconnected processes, reinforcing loop, agenda diagrams, breadcrumbs, quotes with comments, contributing factor diagrams, converging diagrams, leading factor diagrams and more. How to create a roadmap in PowerPoint? This gallery includes roadmap shapes, timelines, timeline diagrams, step process diagrams, progression diagrams and more.

Icons for PowerPoint - PPT Productivity's Library of downloadable Icons for PowerPoints was updated in August 2023 and now includes ~ 1000 icons in the following categories (all are named for easy searching, or you can scroll to select by thumbnail):

  • Abstract & Geometric Shape icons
  • Analysis & Process Tools icons
  • Arrows, tips, triangles icons
  • Blockchain cryptocurrency and mining icons
  • Business Metaphor icons
  • Car Service icons
  • Computers Web Development icons
  • Design & Creative Process icons
  • Devices & Electronics icons
  • Ecology Green Energy icons
  • Education & Knowledge icons
  • Energy Generation & Industry icons
  • Fruits & Vegetables icons
  • Gaming Elements icons
  • Healthcare & Medicine icons
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Sports icons
  • Interiors Design icons
  • Money, finances and banking icons
  • People avatar icons
  • Real Estate & city objects icons
  • Shopping & e-commerce icons
  • Social Media Communications Logos
  • Startup & Development icons
  • Vacation & Travel icons
  • Weather element icons

Issue Trees, Decision Trees, Financial Trees - The PowerPoint Issue Trees, Decision Trees and Financial trees are all constructed using boxes and elbow connector arrows, so that you can easily update them. All templates use PowerPoint theme colors, so they automatically apply the relevant theme colors in your document when you insert them. Includes financial trees with calculations and blank version, issue trees with hypothesis driven and data driven starters plus variations of blank issue tree/ decision tree template e.g. 2 sub issues 3 levels, 3 sub issues 3 levels.

Maps* - PowerPoint maps - separate galleries for each continent, along with a gallery of world maps.

  • Africa Maps Gallery includes a map with country borders, another with borders and country names and a more detailed map of Morocco.
  • Americas Maps Gallery includes a PowerPoint map of the Americas without country names and separate maps for North and South America each with country names. There are also separate maps for United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile with state/ province/ region boundaries and names plus an additional map of the United States with State abbreviations.
  • Asia and Pacific Maps Gallery includes region maps: a map of the Asia Pacific (excluding Australia and NZ), a map of Australia and NZ, a map of Southeast Asia, one of China and Japan. There are also separate maps for Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand. There are also additional separate maps for regions within Japan.
  • Europe Maps Gallery includes an overall outline view of the European continent, a Europe continent map with capital cities and one with countries. There are also separate maps for Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Eastern Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.
  • Middle East Maps Gallery currently includes separate maps of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait (more maps will be added soon).
  • World Maps Gallery includes maps of the world without borders, maps with borders, maps with a globe background, a world map with some capital cities, maps with alternate focal points including a map with Africa to the left side, a world map with Africa to the right side and a world map with Africa in the center.

Newspaper clippings - shapes that have the appearance of strips of newspaper. Perfect for mocking up newspaper articles in your PowerPoint presentation. Additional shapes include a sticky note shape, clipped note, note on a scrap of paper shape and a paper clip image.

Organizational charts - box style, line style and shadow style galleries - Trying to work out how to create an org chart in PowerPoint? We've made it easy with these org chart PowerPoint template options. PPT Productivity has 47 Org chart layout options for your PowerPoint presentations, including horizontal and vertical layouts. Each template for an organizational chart covers multiple options including 2, 3 and 4 level organizational chart diagrams. All PowerPoint org chart templates are constructed from text boxes and elbow connectors, ready for you to key in positions and/ or names.

Pyramids - pyramid diagram elements for PowerPoint. Includes variations of pyramids with point upwards or downwards and options with segments or levels ranging from 2 levels through to 10 for each. There are also two 3D pyramid diagrams.

Roadmaps, Timelines, Journeys - roadmap, timeline and journey map templates for PowerPoint. Includes roadmap workplan templates, roadmap chevrons, a project overview template, gantt chart template, fishbone diagram template (aka Ishikawa diagram).

Slide layouts - box style, outline style and shadow style - more than 200 variations of PowerPoint slide layouts, ranging from different groupings of text boxes, to text boxes with colored header bars, horizontal and vertical variations, text boxes with connecting arrows and many many more.

Stamps - line style in standard and widescreen, shadow in standard and widescreen - PPT Productivity now has a super convenient customizable status stamps feature, but if you prefer alternate styles, these galleries include 24 different status stamps in variations of format (e.g. some with a colored background, others in more of a minimally colored and watermark style).

Strategy Frameworks - strategy framework PowerPoint templates ready for your content. Consulting Strategy framework templates gallery includes Porter's Five Forces, the BCG Growth Share Matrix template, Value chains for physical goods and service organizations plus blank value chain templates, McKinsey 7S model template, RASCI matrix template and legend, Marketing Mix 4P's diagram, Mission statement triangle.

Tables in standard and widescreen - PowerPoint does not make it possible to save table templates as Slide Layouts in the Slide Master of your template. But PPT Productivity has solved this with 140+ PowerPoint table templates! Choose from layouts with colored header rows and columns and variations of number of columns wide. There are two separate galleries so that standard screen widths and widescreen layouts are both catered for.

Text elements in standard and widescreen - text box layout variations for PowerPoint that have colored header and body. There are many variations of text box layouts plus a takeaway box shape (for highlighting key points on a slide).

Downloadable Slides and Shapes can auto update to your template color

The shapes, elements, tables and text boxes in the downloadable galleries have been created so that you can select to use PowerPoint source or destination formatting when adding them to your PowerPoint slide. This means when you paste a shape into your PowerPoint presentation, it will update automatically to recolor using colors from your template's color theme! By default, the Slide Library applies destination formatting when you paste, however simply check the "Use Source Formatting" checkbox if you would prefer the shape to be pasted into your PowerPoint presentation using the colors shown in the Slide Library image. Note that Flags of the World do not have this setting applied and will always paste in their original/ intended colors.

*Please note that we do our best to keep aware of any country / state/ region place name, boundary and or flag changes. If you notice any outdated or incorrect place names/ boundaries/ flags, this is unintentional. Contact us with the update required and we will update the relevant gallery promptly.

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