Can I insert slide totals with slide numbers in PowerPoint? Yes!

PPT Productivity recently released our Manage Slide Numbering feature for PowerPoint. Standard PowerPoint does not have a feature to dynamically display the total number of slides (aka a slide count or total slide counter). PPT Productivity has solved this problem - you can now insert the total number of slides to display on each slide of your PowerPoint Presentation. The PowerPoint slide total will dynamically update if you add or delete slides.

PPT Productivity's Manage Slide Numbering feature provides full flexibility for how you display slide numbers and totals in your PowerPoint presentation.  Using the Slide Numbers and Totals feature on the PPT Productivity ribbon in PowerPoint, you can:

  • Display the total number of slides in the presentation along with the slide number on each slide
  • Select your preferred display format for the slide totals e.g.:
    • # of ##  (example: 1 of 20)
    • #/## (example: 1/20)
    • # (of ##) (example: 1 (of 20) )
    • Slide #;  (example: Slide 20)
  • Easily update slide starting number: For example if you prefer to start your PowerPoint presentation's slide numbering at 0 and hide slide number on the title page
  • Skip hidden slides to omit hidden slides from numbering and inclusion in the slide total count
  • Easily display or conceal the slide numbering on the title page

The feature dynamically updates slide totals in your PowerPoint presentation (for example if you add or delete slides).

Why include a PowerPoint slide number of total display?

PPT Productivity makes it easy to include the slide number of total on each slide of your presentation. Why should you add slide totals?

  • Presenting: Including slide totals on your slides is an easy courtesy to your audience when presenting. It also helps to remind the presenter about keeping to time.
  • Document integrity: Slide totals ensure that if you are printing your presentation, readers can be confident that they have viewed the full presentation. This is particularly important for business development documents such as proposal responses.

How to skip hidden slides in slide numbering in PowerPoint?

PPT Productivity's Manage Slide numbering feature lets you skip hidden slides in your slide numbering. This is perfect for presenting to an audience - your slides will all be numbered in sequence without any indication that you have skipped slides. The feature is easy to toggle on and off, so you can add the slide numbers back to the hidden slides as you update the presentation or for printing.

Including slide totals on each slide in your presentation makes it easier for presenters to pace their presentation appropriately. Many organizations prefer to omit page numbers from their title slides and start page numbering only on the first content page.

To read more about the feature and see overview videos, please visit the feature overview page on our website.

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