How to add chevrons in PowerPoint? New PPT Productivity feature coming soon!

The new Chevrons feature is included in the updated Format Shapes Toolbar release. This update is coming soon - it will be rolled out to existing Power Tools users and new free trial users during June/ July 2021.

It's easy to add chevrons to PowerPoint slides with PPT Productivity! With our latest release, adding pentagons aka block arrows and chevrons to slides will be a one-click process.

What is a Chevron or Block arrow shape in PowerPoint?

Chevrons are the shape that looks like a v shape (typically on it's side pointing to the right) or a chunky arrow but with a matching arrow shape in the end. Block arrows are a pentagon shape and have a similar point but a flat end. A chevron is also often called a PowerPoint arrow with text. Most chevron diagrams will use a Block arrow as the starting shape and then chevrons for the subsequent shapes. They are typically used at even spacings, quite close together.

Why use Chevron shapes in PowerPoint?

Chevrons in PowerPoint can be useful to represent visually a process flow or forward movement. Consultants often use chevron diagrams for project phase overviews. Actually consultants use chevrons for lots of different visuals! The challenge is that adding a series of chevrons and keeping the angle and alignment consistent from one chevron to the next in PowerPoint can be time consuming.

How does PPT Productivity make Chevrons easy in PowerPoint?

PPT Productivity already has the Set Chevrons to Same Angle feature to quickly adjust the tip of selected chevrons, arrows and block arrows to the same angle as the first selected shape on your PowerPoint slide. You can also access a number of chevron PowerPoint template layouts in the PPT Productivity Slide Library. We've also made it super simple to insert block arrows and chevrons to your slides.

To insert a block arrow or chevron to a PowerPoint slide, from the Format Shapes Toolbar click either the block arrow or the Chevron icon to start your series of shapes. Each click of the icon will insert an additional block arrow/ chevron next to the last block arrow/ chevron inserted.

You can adjust the size, and recolor the block arrow/ chevron using the Color Palette Toolbar, and any selected and subsequent chevrons will adopt the new format.

Insert Block Arrows/ Chevrons in PowerPoint

Adjust the spacing between each Chevron using the PPT Productivity Nudge and Gap features on the Format Shapes Toolbar. This ensures consistent distance between each shape.

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