How can I hide slide numbers on the Title Slide?

Want to hide the page or slide number on the Title slide but have it visible on the rest of the slides in your PowerPoint presentation?

If your PowerPoint presentation has slide numbers applied to the slides, you may want to hide these from appearing on your presentations Title Slide.

Here’s how to hide or remove slide numbers from the Title Slide of a PowerPoint presentation that has slide numbering applied.

1. From the ‘Insert’ tab, select ‘Slide Number’.

Access PowerPoint Slide Numbering from the Insert tab

2. In the ‘Header and Footer dialogue box, on the ‘Slide’ tab, check the ‘Don’t show on title slide’ check box and click ‘Apply to All’

Don't show Slide number on Title Slide

3. Slide numbers will be hidden from any Title Slide layouts in the presentation, but will remain visible on other content slides.

Slide number hidden on Title Slide, visible on content slides

Alternatively, you can use the PPT Productivity ‘Slide Number and Slide Totals’ feature to hide slide numbering on Title Slides in PowerPoint presentations.

To remove/ hide slide numbers from Title Slide layouts using PPT Productivity, access the ‘Slide Number and Slide Totals’ tools via the Insert tab.

Or via the ‘Footer’ suite on the PPT Productivity tab.

1. From the ‘Slide Numbers and Slide Totals’ menu, uncheck the ‘Show on Title Slides’ check box and click ‘Apply All’.

Remove Slide numbering on Title Slide layouts

2. Slide numbers on Title Slides layouts will be hidden but slide numbering will remain visible on content slides.

Slide numbering removed from Title slides

Do you want to re-apply slide numbering to Title Slide layouts?

To make slide numbering visible on Title Slides, simply follow the steps above, i.e. Open the ‘Slide Numbers and Slide Totals’ menu from the PPT Productivity tab or from the Insert tab, then re-check the ‘Show on Title Slides’ check box, hit ‘Apply All’. Slide numbers will now be visible on your Title Slide layouts in addition to your content slides.

Unable to see slide numbers on PowerPoint presentations that have slide numbering applied?

If your PowerPoint presentation has slide numbering applied but the slide numbers are not appearing on one or more content slides within your presentation, see our post Troubleshooting PowerPoint Slide Numbering: Common Slide numbering issues and how to fix them for further guidance.

To learn more about the PPT Productivity Slide Numbers and Slide Totals tool visit out Slide Numbering feature page.

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