Can I change PowerPoint starting slide number?

Do you want to start your PowerPoint Slide number / page numbers at zero or another number? By default, PowerPoint starts your presentation slide numbering at one. But setting your slide number to start from zero or any other number in PowerPoint is easy.

There’s a couple of ways to change your slide numbering in PowerPoint – from the Design Tab or using the PPT Productivity Slide Numbering feature.

Change Starting Page Number in PowerPoint from the Design Tab

To set your page numbers to start from a page other than one, navigate to the ‘Design’ tab in PowerPoint. Once on the ‘Design’ tab, use the following steps to update the slide numbering;

1. Open the ‘Slide Size’ dropdown menu
2. From the ‘Slide Size’ menu, select ‘custom slide size’

Set PowerPoint Slide Number from Slide Size menu

3. At the bottom of the ‘custom slide size’ dialogue box you will see the ‘Number slides from:’ dropdown box.

Change Slide Numbering to start from 0 or another number

4. From the ‘slide numbers from:’ dropdown box, select or input the slide number you want to start your slide numbering from. For example, selecting zero will start your presentations slide numbering from slide 0 rather than slide 1
5. Click ‘OK’ for the slide numbering change to be applied to your presentation

PowerPoint slide 0 starting number

Change Starting Page Number in PowerPoint with PPT Productivity

PPT Productivity has made it even easier to set your slide numbers to begin at zero, or any other number.

To change slide numbering with PPT Productivity,
1. From the top ribbon select the ‘Slide Numbers and Totals’ icon from the ‘Footer’ feature group.

Change PowerPoint Slide Numbering with PPT Productivity

2. In the ‘Slide Numbers and Slide Totals’ menu, select or input the slide number you want the presentation numbering to begin with. For example, changing the slide number to start at zero will make the first slide in the presentation number 0 rather than 1.
3. Click OK for the slide numbering change to be applied.

PowerPoint Slide number start at 0

The PPT Productivity slide numbering tools are also accessible from the ‘Insert’ tab.

Access PPT Productivity Slide Numbering feature from the PowerPoint Insert Tab

Visit our Slide Numbering feature page to learn more about Slide Numbers and Slide Totals

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