Create multiple Team Slide Libraries for PowerPoint and upload them to a central repository in your organization. Teams can auto-sync to the Team Slide Libraries and access them via the Slide Library Toolbar in PowerPoint. This lets you manage all content from a single location.

Separate Business units or Teams often require specific imagery or have common slide reuse needs. Similarly, Consulting firms using their client's templates and/or brand imagery in presentations have a need to separate the relevant imagery for each client.

PPT Productivity supports this with the ability to have multiple Team Slide Libraries for PowerPoint. For example you could create one Team Slide Library for Common Corporate Brand assets and slides, then separate additional Team Slide Libraries for each Business Unit or Client (so the Sales team could have a Business Development Library with BD slides, etc).

Similarly, you can create a separate PowerPoint Slide Library for each consulting client. Users can then download the relevant Slide Library(ies) for their work, benefitting from the common set of PowerPoint assets without needing to navigate an overwhelming number of Slide Library items.