Create Harvey Balls in PowerPoint Easily!

Looking for a way to easily create Harvey Balls in PowerPoint without needing to embed a custom font?

PPT Productivity gives you the ability to add Harvey balls to your slides in seconds!

What are Harvey Balls?

For those not familiar with the term, Harvey Balls are a Pie Chart diagram (aka Moons at McKinsey).  They were apparently created by Harvey Poppel, a Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, but Booz consultants call them Booz Balls!

Harvey Balls are designed to simplify the visual representation of quantitative information.  They are a great way to help your audience visualize ideas or concepts, making it easier for them to follow your presentation.

You can visually represent any percentage between 0 and 100 using a Harvey Ball. The filled or colored space of a Harvey Ball denotes the portion complete.

How can I easily create Harvey Balls with PPT Productivity?

PPT Productivity has customizable Harvey Balls for PowerPoint on the ribbon in the Shapes group.  This feature shows the standard ¼, ½, 3/4 , full and empty balls from a dropdown as well as a custom option which enables you to enter a specific value.  There’s a single click option to insert all Harvey ball fills on a page so you can quickly copy and fill for larger tables.  Harvey balls can easily be recolored from the color toolbar (which recognizes the fill versus negative space).  The brief video below shows Harvey Balls in action.

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