Insert Harvey Balls in PowerPoint Easily!

How do you create Harvey balls in PowerPoint? It's easy with PPT Productivity. PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint has a Harvey Ball icon feature - add Harvey balls to your PowerPoint slides in single clicks. Choose from standard empty, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full Harvey Balls. Or select a custom fill (e.g. make a 1/3 Harvey Ball, 2/3 Harvey Ball, etc) by entering a value between 1-100%. Easily change color of Harvey Balls to suit your PowerPoint slide. You can also resize or align the balls, because after being added to your slide they behave as shapes. PPT Productivity's Harvey Balls will appear correctly for anyone you send your PowerPoint presentation to. This is compared to the issues that can occur with using Harvey ball fonts in PowerPoint. Custom font solutions for Harvey Balls can cause issues for readers of a presentation who do not have the relevant font installed.

Harvey Balls Icons

What are Harvey Balls?

For those not familiar with the term, Harvey Balls are a Pie Chart diagram. McKinsey consultants call Harvey Balls Moons and they are also known as status circles.  They are believed to have been created by Harvey Poppel, a Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, but Booz consultants call them Booz Balls!

What do Harvey balls represent? Harvey Balls are used as a simply graphic representation of comparative or status data.  In PowerPoint Harvey Balls charts can make it easier for your audience to compare options, gap / fit assessment, project status and more.

The darker color or fill color denotes the fraction or amount of each Harvey Ball. Harvey Balls can be 'filled' to any amount, but typically the standard fractions of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full and empty are used. Note that using the PPT Productivity Harvey Balls feature you can choose any percentage for your Harvey Balls by entering a number between 0 and 100% in the Custom size Harvey Ball in addition to the standard options.

How can I add Harvey Balls to a PowerPoint slide?

PPT Productivity has customizable Harvey Balls for PowerPoint on the PPT Productivity ribbon. To add Harvey balls to your slide, simply click on the Harvey Ball icon to paste to your presentation.  The feature shows the standard 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full and empty balls from a dropdown. There is also a custom fill option where you can enter a specific value (eg if you want a 1/3 Harvey Ball).  PPT Productivity also provides a single click option to insert all Harvey ball fills on a page so you can quickly copy and paste them (perfect when filling large tables). 

PPT Productivity's Harvey balls behave as shapes once added to your slide, so you can easily change Harvey Ball colors using the Color Toolbar (it recognizes fill versus negative space).  You can also use PPT Productivity's alignment and distribute features to format the layout of your Harvey Balls. The brief video below shows how easy it is to add Harvey Balls to your slide using the PPT Productivity Harvey Balls feature.

PowerPoint Harvey Balls - PPT Productivity feature in action

Can I create a Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template for easy reuse?

Yes! PPT Productivity's Harvey Balls feature lets you quickly add Harvey Balls to any PowerPoint slide. PPT Productivity makes it easy to create a Harvey Balls chart. To do this, create or insert a table layout based on your preferred formatting and add the Harvey Balls. Save your Harvey Balls chart to your PPT Productivity Slide Library for easy reuse in future presentations.

Tip: if you select any Harvey Balls already on a slide and then click a new Harvey Ball fill amount from the dropdown, all selected Harvey Balls will update to the new fill amount.

Create a template for Harvey Balls Chart

What can I use instead of Harvey Balls in PowerPoint?

Looking for alternatives to Harvey Balls for your PowerPoint presentation? PPT Productivity's Downloadable Shape/ Slide Galleries include alternative pie chart ratings icons that are great alternatives to Harvey Balls. The downloadable templates include Star Ratings, Square Ratings, Heart Ratings and Diamond Ratings charts. You can find these rating charts in the Basic Elements gallery. Find out more about how to download the shape and slide galleries.

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