Create your agenda slides in PowerPoint using PPT Productivity's Agenda Wizard feature. Automatic agenda in PowerPoint.

How to create an agenda slide in PowerPoint? PPT Productivity's Agenda Wizard makes it easy. The agenda and divider slides (aka flysheets or section slides) are automatically generated. Each agenda slide or divider will dynamically update when one of the group is updated.

To create an agenda page simply click the Agenda Wizard button and customize based on your preferences:

  • Items: Enter your agenda items (import them from a slide, your clipboard, or key them in)
  • Dividers?: Select whether you prefer a single agenda slide at the front (e.g table of contents) or agenda with section dividers
  • Divider style: For agenda with section dividers, select whether section dividers repeat the full agenda (with relevant section highlighted) or show only the specific agenda item or section name
  • Choose a layout: Select from the Powerpoint Agenda slide template layout options and color preferences
  • Layout options: Select from options including a cover page, inclusion of slide numbers on the agenda slide and use of section numbers
  • Done! Click Create and your agenda is ready

The Agenda Wizard gives you the option to use PowerPoint sections to manage the content, or to create the agenda without PowerPoint sections. When using PowerPoint Sections to create your Agenda, each agenda item (and its related slides) is created as separate sections.

If you already have a presentation with PowerPoint sections, the Agenda Wizard can import the Section names to create the Agenda.