How do I get more icons in PowerPoint?

This hints and tips post gives you an overview of what icons are, why they are popular in PowerPoint and where you can find additional icons for use in your PowerPoint presentation.

Icons are becoming increasingly popular on websites, in marketing materials and, of course, in PowerPoint because of their generally sleek modern design, simple color scheme (usually just one color) and the ability to resize without losing clarity or distorting the image.

Icons are not your standard images (such as a jpeg. or png. file), they are vector files. This means you can resize icons and they will not get pixelated.

Here’s some examples of icons that appear on the PPT Productivity website;

If you are using Microsoft 365, Microsoft now provides access to hundreds of pre-loaded PowerPoint icons included in with your PowerPoint subscription.

To access these icons, navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab, click ‘Pictures’ then select ‘Stock images’ from the dropdown menu.

Insert Icons into PowerPoint from Stock Images

Click the ‘Icons’ tab in the image library to reveal a selection of hundreds of useful icons.

PowerPoint Icons Free

You can search the icon library by category or search word.

Once you have found the icon you are looking for, select the image, then click ‘Insert’ at the bottom of the image library

Insert Free PowerPoint Icons

Your selected icon(‘s) will be pasted directly onto your slide. You can update the color and resize to suit your requirements.

Update Free PowerPoint Icons

What if I can’t find the icon I need in the PowerPoint Icon library?

If you can’t find the icon you are looking for in the Microsoft Icon Library, you may also find what you need in the PPT Productivity Slide Library. There are 3 icon galleries available in the PPT Productivity Slide Library, containing almost 200 icons. When using an icon from the PPT Productivity Slide Library you have the added advantage that they will pasted onto your slide with your template’s theme colors already applied.

Your organization may also have an icon library (for example in a Brand portal).  You can easily save icons via the Slide Library so they are easily accessible when creating presentations.  Teams using PPT Productivity’s Team Library feature can also add icons to your Corporate Gallery so that all team members can access the icons via the Slide Library. Using a library of icons specifically created for your organization will ensure your presentations are brand aligned and consistent with your colleagues. Corporate Galleries created with PPT Productivity can be updated on a regular basis and automatically synced with all users throughout the organization. Learn more about our Corporate Gallery feature on our Slide Library for Teams page

Another great resource is the Noun Project . It has some free icons and you can pay a subscription fee to get access to a wider variety of royalty free icons.

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