Can I create a Slide Library in PowerPoint?

Looking for a great way to reuse your favorite PowerPoint slides and objects?  Perhaps you’re  looking for a SharePoint Slide Library replacement? PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint has a Slide Library feature which lets you easily save and reuse slides, shapes. You can use the Slide Library to save slides, frameworks, diagrams, pictures, image files, logos and much more.

If your company uses SharePoint Server, you may have previously used Microsoft’s PowerPoint Slide Library feature.   This feature made it easier to save and reuse specific PowerPoint Slides but Microsoft decommissioned the feature in the release of SharePoint 2016.

The PPT Productivity Slide Library for PowerPoint lets you have personal and team Libraries of slides, icons, images and other objects that can be easily reused in your PowerPoint presentations. 

You can also use it to share slides and objects with colleagues, or download and use standard slides and shapes from We think it’s a great SharePoint slide library replacement.  

How does PPT Productivity Slide Library work?

Think of the Slide Library as the access point – a searchable toolbar displaying thumbnail images which appears in PowerPoint to the right of your screen.  The Slide Library displays all of the objects from galleries you have created or downloaded.  Galleries can be:

  • Personal – you can create one or more galleries of your favorite slides, frameworks and other objects.
  • Corporate – Gallery files can be saved on your company’s internal share drive (eg Dropbox) and all team members with access to the drive can sync to download the gallery of shared slides and objects
  • Downloadable Standard – PPT Productivity offers 40 galleries with 2000+ objects (e.g. flags, maps, agenda layouts, table layouts, chevron diagrams, organizational chart templates, common consulting frameworks and more) 
  • Individual users and Teams can have one or many galleries

  • Slides and editable objects inserted into your presentations are as editable as the original version that you saved.  There is a checkbox option to ‘use source formatting’ – if this is deselected then the pasted slides or objects inherit the destination file’s properties.

Can I share a slide library in PowerPoint?

PPT Productivity includes a Corporate feature so you can create and share a Team Slide Library. Setting up your team with access to a Corporate Gallery means all team members can access a set of common slides and objects from within PowerPoint.  Providing a gallery of standard slides to all team members makes it easy for them to quickly create brand aligned and consistent presentations.

Importantly - when you create a Team library it is stored in your organizations systems. You retain full control of the security of your company intellectual property - PPT Productivity does not save Team Libraries/ Corporate Galleries on our systems.

Can I have multiple Slide Libraries in PowerPoint?

Yes - users of the PPT Productivity Slide Library can have one or many different slide libraries/ galleries for use within individual teams, business units or throughout the whole organization. For example, consulting and graphic design firms may prefer to create a separate Slide Library for each client.

In short, our SharePoint slide libraries alternative enables you to:

  • Save and name each slide, shape, framework, image, logo you want to re-use to the gallery all from within PowerPoint. 
  • Access and re-use saved slides/ shapes easily as it displays within PowerPoint as a toolbar at the right-hand side of your PowerPoint screen
  • Search the slide library easily in PowerPoint by name, thumbnail image or keyboard shortcut

How does this feature compare with Standard PowerPoint Reuse and Collaborate features?

Standard PowerPoint doesn’t have a Slide Library feature.  PowerPoint has Reuse and Collaboration features, but they do not lets you create a library or shortlist of best slides and objects.

  • Microsoft’s PowerPoint Reuse feature enables users to copy a specific PowerPoint slide from a previous presentation into the pack you are working on.
  • Microsoft’s PowerPoint Collaboration feature enables multiple users to edit a PowerPoint slide and shows comments and iterations of changes made. But neither of these features allows you to save specific slides for use in future presentations.

We offer free personalized demonstrations if you would like to see the Slide Library (and the many other features) in action and free 30 day trials (no credit card details required).

So if you’re looking for a SharePoint slide library replacement or just a great way to save and reuse PowerPoint slides and other objects, PPT Productivity’s Slide Library is a great option for you

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