How to create and save PowerPoint table templates?

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How does PowerPoint support table templates?

Standard PowerPoint lets you add Tables directly to PowerPoint presentations from a set of built-in table styles. But PowerPoint doesn't let users customize the table styles in this list.  Although the PowerPoint slide master and slide layouts seem like logical places to offer the feature, it is also not possible to save a table template to a slide master or as a slide layout.

Saving a table template in PowerPoint is not possible (in standard PowerPoint).   Another program called AvoPress previously offered the ability to create PowerPoint Table Templates to match a presentation theme, but it is no longer available.

How can I save PowerPoint table templates with PPT Productivity?

Saving a Table Template in PowerPoint is possible with PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint! Use the PPT Productivity PowerPoint Slide Library to create customized Tables for reuse throughout your presentation. Table templates help you to save time and make your presentation more professional, with consistent table formats throughout your presentation.

We created this blog post to step through how PPT Productivity lets users save table templates PowerPoint, via the PPT Productivity Slide Library.

To get started, you need to create your preferred table template or you can use one of the Table templates from downloadable PPT Productivity Table Gallery (remember that you can recolor or change the fonts on any element you paste from the Slide Library). You could use an existing table layout from one of your previous documents or you can create a new table template.  We’ve briefly covered off the various options below.

These pre-built Tables can be found in the Tables Gallery. This is one of the Downloadable Slide Libraries for the Slide Library Toolbar and it is included free with your Power Tools license.  

Tip – select from the Tables – widescreen Gallery if your slide size is 16:9.   

You could either use one of these tables directly (in which case you don’t need to do any further work!) or you could use one as a starting point and make updates based on your company’s table format brand guidelines or personal preference. When you paste any slide or slide element from the slide library, uncheck the 'Use Source Formatting' checkbox and the item will paste using your open template's theme colors.

Below is a brief video showing you how to access the Libraries in the Slide Library Toolbar.

PowerPoint Slide Library Downloadable Shapes and Slides how to video

Tip - Tables inserted from the Shapes and Slide Library will automatically inherit the color theme from your PowerPoint presentations template.  

If you’re adapting an existing table template, simply add the table to a slide and make any adjustments (eg change colors or fonts).  Once you are happy with the design and layout of your Table, simply save it to the Slide Library in your Personal Slide Library ready for reuse!  To do this, go to the bottom of your Slide Library Toolbar and select Save Shape. Select from the save options regarding format, preferred thumbnail and enter a name for your table template then save. Easy!  Your preformatted Table in your preferred layout is ready to reuse in your presentations with just one click.

How to save table template in PowerPoint - save table style how to video

Creating a new Table Template or reusing from a presentation

You can also create your PowerPoint table template from scratch or reuse one from a previous presentation.  Simply prepare your table template and once complete, follow the same process – navigate to the Save Shape button at the bottom of the Slide Library Toolbar.  Select from the save options, enter a name for your table template then save.

There is no limit to the number of Tables, Shapes and Slides that can be saved to your PPT Productivity Slide Library. Remember to name them in a way that is easy to find them via search. The Slide Library Toolbar lets you search by partial match and on any part of a slide or shape name.

Tip – You can save multiple Table Templates with pre-fill variations.  For example if you commonly reuse sets of row or column headings like business units, product lines, countries, you may want to save these each as variations of your template.  You can also create a Harvey Balls template using your preferred table layout and prefilled Harvey Balls using the PPT Productivity Harvey Balls feature. The Harvey Balls can be easily updated by clicking an existing Harvey Ball and choosing a new fill from the Harvey Balls button on the ribbon or the Format toolbar (e.g. to update a 1/4 Harvey ball to a 1/2).

Can I apply Table Template formatting to an existing PowerPoint table?

Yes you can! PPT Productivity's Power Tools has a Table Format Painter, which lets you copy and paste formatting of one PowerPoint table and apply it to another table in PowerPoint - including tables in different presentations.

Can I share PowerPoint Table Templates with my team?

To ensure consistent and brand aligned use of Tables you can share your customized PowerPoint Table layout with the rest of your team or even your whole organization. To learn how to share customized shapes and slides with others in your organization visit our Team Slide Library page.

What is the new Table Template feature in development?

Customers have asked us to add a feature to set default table style to our roadmap.  While this Slide Library template option is great, users who frequently add tables to their slides have requested this to be added as a button on the ribbon.  This feature is on our roadmap and we hope to have something released soon. To make it even easier for corporate consistency, the new feature will enable companies to set a default table template as a configuration (so IT teams can install for teams or entire companies).

Contact us if you would like to become a beta tester of this new feature.

What other time saving features does PPT Productivity offer to make table formatting easy?

PPT Productivity aims to save users time through shortcuts and reuse.  This includes a number of time saving Table features including Creating Tables from Text boxes, Pasting data from Excel to a PowerPoint Table without the Excel formatting and deconstructing PowerPoint Tables into individual Textboxes, among others.

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