Looking for a PowerPoint Timeline Template?

Timelines are a great way to represent visually a sequence of events, such as project milestones or events in PowerPoint presentations. But creating a timeline slide for your presentation is time consuming. Looking for timeline templates for PowerPoint? PPT Productivity's Slide Library feature makes it easy to save and reuse entire slides or specific shapes. Plus the Slide Library comes with 2000+ downloadable shapes and slides (in 40 thematic 'galleries' e.g. Block Arrows, Maps, etc).

PPT Productivity's 'Roadmaps, Timelines, Journeys' template gallery for PowerPoint offers a range of royalty free PowerPoint timeline templates for you to insert into your presentation and customize with your text.

Note - you can access the Slide Library and the downloadable shapes and slides as part of the free 30 day trial of PPT Productivity Power Tools (no credit card details required to access trial, currently for PC only but Mac version in development).

PowerPoint Timeline Templates

PPT Productivity's Roadmaps, Timelines and Journeys gallery provides a range of different timeline layout templates to make it easy for you to add timelines to your PowerPoint slides.

Choose from ten layouts including various timeline layouts, roadmap workplans, chevrons, heat maps, and Gantt style timelines.

Image showing PowerPoint Template slides for Roadmaps, Timelines and Journeys

When added to your PowerPoint presentation, the layouts will detect and apply your template theme colors. All you need to do is update the data eg by adding your relevant dates and milestones.

How to create a timeline in powerpoint?

If you dont like any of the example Timelines for PowerPoint available for download, you can either customize one of them or make your own. Note that when you insert a slide from the PPT Productivity Slide Library to your slide, it will automatically recolor to adopt your template colors and the slides remain fully editable.

Some inspiration if you're trying to make your own PowerPoint timeline slide:

  • Roads - either straight or curving graphics depicting a road, with callouts for key events/ milestones
  • Chevrons - chevrons are useful where you don't have a large number of time periods to cover (eg 5 or 6 years or months of delivery)
  • Central line with offset callouts - using a horizontally centred line on your slide gives you space to have callouts above and below the line. Alternating the location of the callouts for each year or milestone gives more balance to the slide and more space for text rather than having all callouts above or below your timeline

What are examples of Timeline Templates for PowerPoint?

Timeline Templates are slide layouts that make it easy to visually communicate a timeline. The timeline could be any time range e.g. common scenarios include showing the months for delivery of a transformation program, or a history of a company's evolution by acquisitions.

Timeline slides are also known as Journey slides or Roadmap slides. All show a progression of time, although PowerPoint roadmap slides often depict a road graphic (a template with a road is included in the gallery).

Do Journey templates include Process Templates?

Value Chain and Process templates are typically used for different purposes, but the chevron shapes used in process or value chain templates can also be used to depict journey slides for project delivery. Journey Map templates can be either chevron based (most commonly used for Customer Journey mapping slides for Customer Experience work), or take inspiration from roads to imply the journey (more common in projects like Transformation, where the slide seeks to depict the transformational journey of project change).

Along with the the 'Roadmaps, Timelines, Journeys' template slide gallery, PPT Productivity has a seperate Value Chains and Processes templates for PowerPoint. In the Value Chains and Processes slides gallery you have access to a Process Handoff template and various Value Chain layouts. These slide galleries are available in both 4:3 Standard width PowerPoint or 16:9 Widescreen PowerPoint slide size. Choose the best fit for your documents template style.

PowerPoint Value Chain and Processes Layouts

Additional PowerPoint Slide Layouts now available

In addition to these recently added galleries ('Roadmaps, Timelines, Journeys' and 'Value Chains & Processes') we've also added additional slide layouts to the following existing PowerPoint slide galleries available in the PPT Productivity Slide Library:

  • Arrows & Flows
  • Basic Elements
  • Frameworks
  • Harvey Ball Table Layouts
  • General Shapes and Elements
  • Icons - Miscellaneous
  • Icons - Transportation
  • Organization Charts

Read more about the full list of PPT Productivity Downloadable Libraries.

How to download new and updated Slide and shape libraries to the PPT Productivity PowerPoint Slide Library

New and updated Slide and Shape Libraries are rolled out and made available for download by all PPT Productivity Power Tools users. To download, Click on 'Select Galleries' at the top of the Slide Library Toolbar

Slide Library for PowerPoint
Select Galleries for the PowerPoint Slide Library

From the 'Select Galleries' menu, select 'Download new galleries'

From the 'Select Slide Galleries to Download' menu select All to download all the new and updated galleries, or check the box next to the individual galleries you want to download. Then click ok.

Your Slide Library will automatically be populated with all the new and updated shape and slide layouts ready for you to incorporate into your presentations.

Are there slide layouts you would like to see made available in the PPT Productivity Slide Library? If so, contact our friendly team and let us know.

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