Tutorial - How to Share Customized PowerPoint Settings

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With PPT Productivity PowerPoint add-in you can customise various settings with team members of your entire organization. Sharing custom settings enables your whole team to have greater consistency throughout your presentations - especially important when collaborating on a presentation, or when Branding is important to your organization.

In this tutorial we will learn how to save and share your custom settings in PowerPoint, via the PPT Productivity Settings menu.

Learn how to Share your custom settings with your team or organization.

You can learn more about the PPT Productivity features mentioned in the video from our website:

  • Paragraph styles in PowerPoint: PPT Productivity's Paragraph styles make it easy to save font size, style, color, bullets and spacing for fast reuse. One team member can set up the preferred styles and then share the setup with all team members.
  • PowerPoint Sticky notes: Make annotations on presentations for review with PPT Productivity's sticky notes - easy to see, action and remove before finalizing (better than PowerPoint's comments feature!). You can customize the colors of sticky notes and share the settings with your team.
  • Status stamps: Status stamps let you quickly mark your PowerPoint slides with status eg Draft, To Delete, Move to Appendix etc. You can customize the wording, color and positioning of status stamps and set up a common set of status stamps to share with your team.
  • Color Toolbar: Make it easy to access your template theme color palette, standard PowerPoint colors and any custom colors with the Color Toolbar for PowerPoint. You can configure this for your organizations brand approved colors and share across team members to improve consistency and brand alignment of presentations.
  • Slide Library: Set up a library of slides, images and shapes for your team to easily reuse from the PPT Productivity Slide Library Toolbar. The Slide Library is entirely hosted within your organizations IT stack (using a share drive that your team members have access to) and best of all - you can set it up for your team without needing central IT support!

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