Can I share my custom PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts?

PowerPoint shortcut keys can be used to turbo charge your productivity. That's why we created extra PowerPoint Shortcut keys for PPT Productivity users! PPT Productivity lets you create custom shortcut keys for more than 800 PowerPoint commands. We've included over 70 pre-set keyboard shortcuts included in PPT Productivity and you can create additional shortcut keys for your most frequently used PowerPoint tasks.

The video below shows how easy it is to add shortcut keys to PowerPoint using PPT Productivity.

Once you have set up your custom PowerPoint shortcuts, you can share them with individual colleagues, your team or your whole organization.

Sharing your PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts is easy!

To share your custom PowerPoint shortcuts (aka hot keys), navigate to the shortcut key .xml file located at c/ Users / Public / Public Documents / PPT Productivity / shortcuts.xml

Copy the file named shortcuts.xml and save this file to a share drive, or attach to an email to send to your colleague(s). Your colleagues need to save this file in the same location i.e. c/ Users / Public / Public Documents / PPT Productivity. This will override their existing shortcuts.xml file and apply your customized keyboard shortcuts to PowerPoint. Note that your colleagues also need to have an active PPT Productivity license to use the shortcuts that you share with them.

Team members/ colleagues that you share customized keyboard shortcuts with can continue to add their own shortcut key preferences in the normal way but note that they would lose any custom shortcuts they had created prior to saving your file.

To help remember the shortcut keys that have been assigned, individuals can generate and print the customized keyboard shortcut guide directly form the Shortcut Keys menu on the PPT Productivity ribbon.

Sharing customized keyboard shortcuts throughout your team/ organization can help all team members be more productive in PowerPoint!

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