Set Proofing Language for all slides or a selection

Easily set all your existing slides to the same language in PowerPoint using PPT Productivity, including shapes or objects on slides and the notes pages! This feature is especially useful for users working in countries like Canada or Switzerland where multiple official languages are used, or for companies where teams are collaborating from different countries. But it's also useful to ensure a consistent type of English is used throughout your presentation (eg UK English vs US English).

Set Proofing Language determines the dictionary for spell checking that is used - this is what determines whether words appear with a red squiggly line beneath them. Standard PowerPoint does not include an option to change the language easily for an entire presentation to make proofing or reviewing easier. If you try to update the set language in Standard PowerPoint, you need to apply it for each textbox. But PPT Productivity add-in for PowerPoint solves this problem.

How to change language in PowerPoint for spell check review for entire presentation?

With PPT Productivity you can set the proofing language for the entire presentation, a specific slide, or individual shapes . Using the PPT Productivity Proofing Language drop-down menu you can change the language in PowerPoint. You can:

  • Set the Default Proofing language for your presentation
  • Select the shapes/ slides to update language - all text-boxes in the selection, including any text-boxes in Grouped shapes, will be set to the Default Language of your presentation
  • Convert all shapes in all slides to your Default Language
  • Change language for all slides or a selection of slides or shapes
  • When you change language for the entire presentation or selected slides, the set language for notes in these slides will also be updated

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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