May 2022 Update: Color bold text, Harvey balls for tables, Slide Library tune-up + more

Version released May 23rd, 2022 to new free trial users and progressively during May - early June 2022 for existing users.  Note that if you have an enterprise or large team license managed centrally by your IT team, there may be a delay in you receiving this update.

This update of PPT Productivity Power Tools includes new features and some tune ups of existing features. Read on for a quick overview!

New PPT Productivity Features in May 2022

Color Bold Text

Requested by a number of McKinsey alumni customers, the Color bold text for PowerPoint feature sets the color of all bold text in selected text boxes/ shapes / slides (to further emphasise bolded text). By default the color applied to bold text is your template theme's Accent Theme 1, but you can also specify a color of your choice. The color bold text feature automatically skips shapes where the background is already the selected bold color. If you are selecting entire slide(s) to color bold text, it also avoids the Slide titles.

Status Indicators

You can now add Status Indicators like trend arrows to your slide or embed in a table. The new Status Indicators for PowerPoint feature includes 12 Status Indicators (directional arrows, traffic light balls, plus minus signs, check marks and crosses). These can be embedded in a table, or added as standalone shapes on your slides. The Status indicators come with preassigned shortcut keys and the colors are configurable but by default they are green/amber/red.

Harvey Balls snap to tables

Requested by a number of Bain alums. We've introduced a new "mode" for Harvey Balls. Use the existing Harvey Balls for PowerPoint feature in a text box or anywhere on a slide and you can resize and recolor the Harvey balls easily. But the new Harvey Balls for Tables feature means that any Harvey Ball you add to a table embeds in the table and can be aligned and resized with the table. This makes formatting Harvey balls in tables much easier.

Insert Harvey Balls using shortcut keys

You can now setup custom shortcut keys to insert Harvey Balls to your slide. Create separate PowerPoint shortcuts for 1/4 fill, 1/2 fill, 3/4 fill, full or empty.

Hide buttons on the Format Toolbar

Right click any feature or feature group on the PPT Productivity Format Toolbar for PowerPoint and select to hide a feature button or feature group. The right click menu also has an option to reset the layout and show all features on the toolbar. The hide buttons option is helpful if you don't use some of the features, or as a great way to progressively learn to use the Format Toolbar features.

Easier access to McKinsey aligned shortcuts

You can turn on the McKinsey aligned PowerPoint shortcut keys from the Keyboard Shortcuts menu on the PPT Productivity ribbon. Previously this was buried in a tab in Settings. Simply click to enable or disable.

May 2022 release tune-ups and bug fixes

Slide Library is faster!

The Slide Library for PowerPoint feature has had a performance tune up. Searching the gallery is faster and you now have the ability to search across all text on slides or shapes including text from the slide notes (which means tagging slides with industry keywords is now possible, a great enhancement for Team Slide Library users).

Paste as mini-slides now auto-aligns

Paste as mini slides in PowerPoint feature now auto-aligns and sizes the mini slides within your slide. Copy any number of slides and they automatically layout to fit your current slide. You can also hold hold down Ctrl when you click the feature, to paste the mini slides in a cascade layout

Autofit columns in tables has been enhanced

We've fixed and improved the Autofit columns feature. Now when you click autofit columns, your PowerPoint table automatically updates to set each table column to the perfect size. The feature minimizes table height on your slide while retaining the original table width. The feature also had a performance tune up to make it much faster! Previously there was a bug - very long words were breaking within columns (thanks to those helpful customers who reported it).

PPT Productivity has an active roadmap - the next release is the new Agenda Wizard feature, due August 2022. If you have any new feature requests (or if you notice something not working as expected), please contact us.

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