Sidebars refreshed, hi-res and screen magnification

Version 2.4.42 was released on 30/5/2018.  If you have an enterprise license there may be a delay in you receiving this update as your IT team may need to separately manage your update.

Shape and Color Sidebars

  • NEW: Change all icon layouts to be in 2016 format - both Shapes and Color Sidebars
  • NEW: Shape Toolbar now with Extra Large icons for hi-res monitors
  • NEW: Auto sidebar button resizing and save of positioning
  • NEW: Allow Shift-override for Shape sidebar alignment functions

Slide Library (Gallery) Sidebar

  • NEW: Added ability for Personal Galleries to be easily copied or moved to a Corporate Gallery
  • NEW: Added new delete text 'x' icon for the Shape Gallery filter (to quickly remove the filter)
  • NEW: When adding a shape to the gallery, a gallery filter is applied for that shape so you can see it once added
  • NEW: If you add a shape from a slide, the description is defaulted from the Notes section
  • NEW: Can now save a selected shape as a shape or as the entire slide

Main PPT Productivity Ribbon

  • FIX - 'Send as PDF' now works when sending a document saved on SharePoint
  • FIX - PPT's Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) supported for all PPT Productivity functions
  • FIX - Can now use all PPT Productivity features while in a Slide Show (non-presenter mode)
  • FIX - When you paste a single mini slide the page now doesn't navigate away from current slide
  • FIX - Fixed some functions that didn't 'Undo' correctly
  • FIX - All window layouts updated where they were impacted by screen magnification settings of 125% or greater

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