Gallery Toolbar refresh

Use, save and share thousands of shapes, slides and images instantly using the PPT Productivity Gallery Toolbar!

Our Gallery toolbar has always been a great way to save and reuse shapes and slides, but we’ve given it a refresh with some exciting new features and refinements:

Any text box, shape, table, slide, chart, image, icon or object can be added to the gallery. Choose a name when saving and easily search your gallery by name or thumbnail image. To use a shape in the gallery, simply click to put it instantly on your slide. Our downloadable shapes are all configured to inherit your template's color theme.

You can set up multiple personal and shared galleries, and switch between them (for example when working on separate projects or clients). You can export your gallery to share with another user, or teams can use the Gallery Toolbar to create Corporate Galleries. These can be stored centrally in your organization so everyone in your team can work from a common brand aligned up to date library of shapes and slides.

The downloadable shape and slide galleries include consulting frameworks, common slide layouts, maps, flags, countries, chevrons, hand drawn graphics, newspaper clippings and much more.

Have you been missing specific shapes or frameworks from your consulting days? Maybe you're a Deloitte alumni yearning for the old Deloitte Timesaver deck? An Accenture alumni missing the QPT toolbar shape options? If our current downloadable shape galleries don't include what you're looking for, reach out with suggestions and we'll see what we can do.

If you’d like to see some videos of the Gallery features in action, visit the Slide Library pages on our website.

We think it’s brilliant – let us know what you think.

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