PowerPoint Toolbars - using the Quick Access Toolbar?

If you're using the Quick access toolbar (QAT) you might be wondering
"Can PPT Productivity Tools boost my productivity?"

The short answer: Yes!

If you're not familiar with QAT - it's a way to "pin" frequently used features to the top of PowerPoint.  It's a good way to access frequently used existing PowerPoint features in less clicks. The QAT definitely saves some time, but we think our tools offer far greater time saving benefits!

PPT Productivity's tools offer both new features and shortcuts to existing PowerPoint features.  Our tools make it faster and easier to create, format and reuse presentations.  

  • The Format Toolbar helps save time formatting and editing, with new features & easier access to standard features (less clicks). 
  • The Shape and Slide Library makes slide reuse easy - a massive time saver!  No need to search files for your "best of" slide deck - our tools let you save and access your best shapes or slides from a side toolbar in PowerPoint!  Find a great framework in a colleagues presentation?  Save it in your gallery and easily find it by name or thumbnail image). 
  • For the greatest timesaving boost - our Customizable Shortcut Keys feature could be your new best friend!

If you rely on shortcut keys in Excel you'll already know the time saving benefits.  But PowerPoint doesn't come with as many shortcut commands as Excel - Microsoft have only enabled shortcut keys for ~200 PowerPoint commands.  PPT Productivity Power Tools offers customizable shortcut keys for 800+ commands.  This means you can set shortcut keys that you find easier to remember - which will help you to use them more rather than relying on your mouse.  

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