Color Toolbar - Reveal RGB values of colors in PowerPoint

We’ve enhanced the PPT Productivity Color Toolbar! Hover over any color on the toolbar and the color’s name and RGB attributes now display in a mouseover tip.

Helpful when working with subtle color variations - Should I use Scarlet (RGB 255,36,0) or Candy Apple Red (RGB 255,8,0)?  This update was prompted by user requests. The display of color names and RGB details helps all users but particularly users with color vision deficiency.

If you hover over a color on the toolbar, you’ll also notice a few tips appear below the color name and RGB:  Ctrl+Click to apply the color selected to both fill and outline of a shape.
- You can update configuration settings to default either setting fill and line color separately or filling both. Ctrl-click will temporarily override your default setting

  • ‘Drag’ colors up or down to reorder the color palette.
  • Right-click to edit or delete a color already on your color toolbar.

You can easily export and share your color toolbar’s palette with colleagues.

To find out more, view our quick videos and read more about the Color Toolbar.

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