New Color palette sidebar, Save or Send selected slides as PDF

PPT Productivity is pleased to announce the next update in the Power Tools series, with Power Tools Version 2.1.0. Power Tools 2.1.0 features over 20 new features, as well as an upgrade on the last major feature released, the Color Palette! Behind the scenes, there’s been a significant upgrade in speed and memory usage.

To upgrade, simply head to

New Color Palette

The new color palette builds more functionality on top of the ever useful, one-click color change tool. Now upgraded to be able to drag and drop colors, arranging and personalizing your Color Palette has never been easier! The added ability to resize icons lets you make Power Tools exactly how you like it.

Text box, margin and line functions

Lots of newly added functions to make working with text boxes much faster. Remove all text within text box, or merge two text boxes in a single click. Toggle the margins to fit that extra character in, or toggle the line style between dashed, solid, and back again, or toggle line thickness - all in one place with one click.

Save selected slides as PDF, Save selected slides as PDF and email

Ever needed to publish just a few slides from a large presentation? Now one click away - just select your slides required, and press “Save as PDF”, or “Email as PDF”, to save or save and email your slides!

‘Smart’ Bullets

Smart bullets now allows you to ‘read’ the bullet structure from the current Slide Master, meaning that any personal or company format or style guide can be adhered to perfectly. Just press one button, and the bullet settings become the ones you need for that presentation. Switching presentations to another style? No problem - just press the button again and Power Tools will pick up the new style! 

No fly zone

Put up a ‘no-fly-zone’ only you can see, to make sure you’re leaving appropriate margins for your presentation. No more slides with shapes and text crammed right to the very edge!

Memory improvements

We’re always working hard on the things that you can’t see - making our software ever more stable and lightweight on memory. Version 2.1.0 has a significant improvement on resources used - getting out of your way and ‘just working’.

 …and many more minor features

We’re always adding little minor features, like one click superscript toggle, creating basic shapes, regrouping previously grouped objects, to name a few. And we are always building more - so keep the feedback and requests coming

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