August 2023 update: Color Toolbar enhancement, new icons and more

New Features  

PPT Productivity's Q3 Release update is now available. If you're an existing user you would either have already received the update or it will be coming to you shortly (some large organizations manage their rollout of our updates separately). New free trial users can access the update when downloading the free 30 day trial.

The 2023 Q3 update includes 11 updated and new features:

  • 1000 New Icons - The Downloadable Slide and Shape libraries have been updated with 25 new Icon Library Folders containing ~1000 high quality icons that are consistent style (fine line icons), resizable and recolorable. The Slide Library Toolbar also now has an icon checkbox so you can choose to search your Slide Library only for icons
  • Multiply Shapes - Repeat a shape on a slide by nominating the number of instances by rows and columns (e.g. insert a person icon and choose to multiply it by 10 rows and 10 columns for 100 person icons)
  • Slice Shapes - Split a single shape into multiple rows and columns that fit within the bounds of the original shape
  • Cycle Accent Theme - Click on one or more shapes and use the cycle accent theme feature to recolor by cycling through template theme colors (making it easier to recolor shapes using only template colors).
  • Resize Shapes on Multiple Slides - The existing resize features (resize 90%, Resize 110% or enter custom % resize) have been enhanced will now let you resize all shapes on multiple selected slides (previously they only resized selected shapes one slide at a time).
  • Shape Alignment - choose your alignment anchor in PowerPoint e.g. align to first selected shape or last selected shape, Slide boundary, No Fly Zone, etc
  • Beta Program - We have a Beta program where you can access early release of our updates. We've now included an option so you can signup via an option on the PPT Productivity ribbon
  • Find Previous Sticky Note - Sticky notes have been updated so you can find previous sticky note as well as find next sticky note
  • Two extra Sticky Notes - You can now have 6 sticky notes configured (an increase from 4), plus you can now choose to have sticky notes added to the left or right of slide. You can also add a callout bar to sticky notes (e.g. to highlight specific review feedback) - the callout bar will delete automatically when you delete the sticky note
  • Cycle Harvey Balls - Harvey balls have been updated to include a Harvey Ball Cycle option. Repeated clicking will cycle through the standard Harvey Ball settings: (25% - 50% - 75% - 100% - 0%)

Here's a quick overview showcasing the new and improved PPT Productivity features.

And if you're new to PPT Productivity, visit our main feature pages to learn more about the 200+ timesaving features.

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